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Muck-Truck Motorized Wheelbarrows

Muck-truck the world’s leader in mini pedestrian dumpers, Muck-Truck motorized wheelbarrows are pedestrian dumpers that are designed and built in Canada. Delivering obvious productivity benefits to the building/hire and landscaping industry. It can carry three times that of a conventional wheelbarrow and will transport loads of up to one-quarter of a ton.

Much-Truck Mini Dumper Facts

The Muck-truck mini dumper has been in production for over 16 years and comes with a full 24-month commercial use engine warranty. Operators can change the mini dumper attachments in seconds.

The Muck-truck will climb up to 30° while easily transporting with no ramp required for loading the mini dumper into a van.

The muck-truck mini dumper is easy to steer empty or fully loaded. Works well with a number of other construction machines, such as mini diggers and cement mixers.

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